Speak openly and debate honestly - relationships, femisism, political corectness


Bogdan Papara-Popescu

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Speak Openly and Debate Honestly on relationships today, feminism or political correctness

If you are open minded and willing to talk freely join our ‘’ Speak Openly and Debate Honestly’ session!


we want to see why the difference in opinion when it comes to why it is more and more difficult to have a long term relationship these days, why despite so many online tools available out there people find it hard to find a long term partner? what role feminism or political correctness play in all this?

The discussion will be moderated through subjects like:

  • expectations: short vs long term
  • context
  • AS IF principle
  • things you can and can’t control
  • impact of feminism
  • political correctness


The Session is addressed to:

  • people who think out of the box and like to carry constructive debates
  • curious people who would like to see the other side of the coin
  • individuals looking for answers when it comes to finding a partner or improving existing relationships


Date: Thursday 06-Sep-2018

Time: 18:30 - 20:30


@ImpactHub Prague

The session is free of charge however you are expected to pay a small contribution for the organization (moderator, room, and wine up to max three hundred czk).

Thank you for investing your time



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