Let's talk about "Gamification" - what can we learn from games to improve our education, business, society?


Carmine Rodi Falanga

Born in Italy in 1977, after taking a master degree in Business Administration, I decided I would never work in a business. So far, it worked. Instead, I have developed a curriculum in journalism and digital media, Více o lektorovi »


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Think about your favourite game, of any kind.

What is it? When was the last time you played it?

Were you alone, or with other people? Did you win? Did you lose? Does it matter? 

Tento kurz se kona v anglictine, s moznosti obcasneho ceskeho prekladu :)

(This course will be in English, with possible support in translating in Czech)


The workshop comes from my experience working with storytelling and games as tools to facilitate learning for adults and young people for 10+ years.

It will combine media, inspiring videos, articles, a bit of history of games (and videogames!), and scientific facts. 

And share a few tips: what can we learn from games, that can help us to design a better life? 


It could be interesting for: 

  • game developers (or if you are considering it as a career)to discuss and learn about the characteristics of great games, 
  • managers / business people, to improve customers and employees loyalty and improve our marketing strategies,
  • teachers, trainers, educators, to make our activities more engaging, fun and memorable,
  • human resources specialists, to reflect on how is it possible to inspire with incentive methods that are not necessarily financial,
  • marketing and advertisement professionals, by increasing the effectiveness of any campaign through successfull "gamification" fixes,
  • students,
  • parents,
  • and... everybody, in general, who can have an interest in making their personal and professional life a little more engaging, rewarding and fun! 


In this workshop we will:

  • learn the main characteristics of a good game;
  • learn history and discuss success stories from videogames, boardgames and more;
  • examine examples that we can easily adopt to improve our business, communication, society; 
  • introduce a few concrete "reality fixes": solutions adopted from the gaming world that can improve areas of our everyday life.

At the same time, we will not shy away from discussing the controversial, "dark side" of the phenomenon (it has an element of addiction, can become an escape from reality, and it can be expensive - think of gambling for example).

In the meantime, we will also play a little game, have some fun, and... practice English! :) 


In this course we will discuss what are the characteristics of a good game, why games - of any kind - are such a great thing.

We can learn a lot from playing. A good game is fun, engaging, challenging and dynamic. The best games make us interact with other people (not necessarily in a competetive way), and make us experience something new.  

The industry of gaming is growing in a remarkable way. Videogames sales have increased by 70% from 2009 to 2015. The market of boardgames has doubled (+100%) from 2005 to 2015. Games are very successful. These are facts. 

But then, why is it? Why are games so attractive? Is there something missing in our daily life, work, education, society? And most importantly: can we fix it?

This process is called "Gamification". To import and adapt characteristics from games into other areas of our life. Personal life, professional environment, business, education, and even family, health care, research, politics, charity, and more

You will also meet the first Italian trainer on Naucmese ( = me), and practice your English in a fun and interactive way.

I use storytelling and games in education as a full time freelancer since 2004 and am active in Italy and Europe.   


One free place will be offered on the platform Hearth.net. 

Check if it's still available and accept the offer here: 



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Two articles from my blog on the topic:




more links will come in the future!



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