Carmine Rodi Falanga

Na Naučmese od 1. 12. 2015, vedl/a kurzy pro 45 účastníků.

Born in Italy in 1977, after taking a master degree in Business Administration, I decided I would never work in a business. So far, it worked.

Instead, I have developed a curriculum in journalism and digital media, anthropology, education, storytelling and games. It's a bit crazy, but describes me well.

I am active in European education in the frame of the programme Erasmus+ since 2004, and I have a blog in which I write about journeys, stories, learning and personal development - and almost always (with or without a reason), Star Wars.  

I wrote a little silly post, on my experience in Prague as a foreigner, and it got viral with more than 100 thousand visits (and counting!). 

It's here, if you want to have a look:


My trainer's profile on the European Salto database

Carmine Rodi

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