Kids Yoga I - Basic know-how


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Children's yoga and the principles of healthy movement in a fun and playful way that entertains children, develops their creativity and helps to maintain the correct body posture and teaches the art of relaxation in a natural way. :-)

Whom is the workshop for: 

  • you’re parents of little kids and you’d like to introduce them to yoga
  • you work in a kindergarzen or primary school
  • you lead a children's movement course
  • you are going to work with children in the future

👉 60 satisfied people have already participated in the Czech version of the course. Look at their comments 🙋‍♀️

What you get from the course:

  • basic knowledge of yoga for children
  • methodology and lesson content 
  • suitable yoga positions in the form of animals, nature and things like furniture etc.
  • inspiration for games and positions for mutual cooperation
  • tips for suitable aids
  • breathing and relaxation techniques with little kids
  • and most importantly you will experience it all by yourself! :-)
  • you will receive summary materials before the course for your own note taking during the course

What is kids yoga good for:

  • each lesson is conducted in the spirit of a specific topic (saying, principle, way of life, emotions, etc.) and ends with a resulting point 
  • develops creativity through games, stories and sounds
  • it helps introverted and closed children to relax and express themselves 
  • strengthens self-confidence in a natural way
  • uses excess energy the right way (especially for livelier and ADHD children)
  • improves body posture
  • increases flexibility, coordination and rhythm
  • helps emotional stability and inner peace 
  • supports a non-competitive form of social interaction
  • strengthens concentration and helps in learning at school 

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