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If you are planning to go to Italy for a trip or holidays, you definitely need to visit this workshop :)

Carmine, Napoli-born Italian, currently living in Prague, will share his insider experience and tips on “il bel Paese”.

Bára, Ostrava-born Czech, will share things that could be tricky for foreigners and the surprises she had while exploring the country.

Italy might look like one big country, but the regional differences are vast - and to find the hidden treasures, you might need more than a travel book!

A few examples - do you know:

  • Until what time is it appropriate to drink CAPPUCCINO?
  • What is the real recipe of spaghetti alla CARBONARA?
  • How to show "I don't care" or "This is suspicious" in one simple GESTURE?

If not, come and explore!

If yes, well done: come and learn even more :)

What will you learn/experience on this workshop?

  • Regions and their differences.
  • Culture and stereotypes.
  • Taboos - what NOT to do.
  • How to Wine and Dine in a country famous for antipasti, primi, secondi, contorni, pasta, pizza... 
  • It is dangerous? Myth busting and a few facts about the (in)famous Italian mafias.
  • How to avoid tourist traps.
  • Survival vocabulary - the most useful phrases and survival words.
  • Suggest your own itinerary and get personalised tips!

The workshop will be led in a fun and interactive way, and always the possibility to ask questions.

The spoken language will be English - plus some Italian of course - with the possibility of translation to Czech when needed. 

You will have a possibility to send us your planned trip or destination before the course, and get more individualised advice.

AND -- during the workshop there will be the possibility to taste selected wines from the Italian producer Bosco dé Medici (www.boscodemedici.com) for + 50 CZK.

As an appetizer - you can start to practice the Italian sign language here:



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