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Bogdan Papara-Popescu

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A lesson in brain behavior because understanding what triggers your brain and the reaction to these triggers is very important if your want to live a conscious life where you consciously choose what to do and how to feel.

During this workshop you will learn how to use the way the brain works and to hack it. A big part of what we experience today on a day to day basis has been encoded in our brain for millions and millions of years since when we were still living in caves and learning how to make fire.

I will clearly explain you how the brain works, where fear comes from and how to deal with it, where love comes from and how to handle that too, where logic comes from and how to use it. By the end you will be able to tailor your messages more effectively and thus have an edge over your competition.

Understanding how the brain works can be beneficial for sales, marketing, advertising, business communication or in any situation you need to influence, persuade.

Who is it for:

  • people that want better understanding where some of their actions and feelings come from
  • people that want to better tailor their business or freelance practice to appeal to a larger scale
  • people that want to change but never get through with it
  • people that want to learn something new and have more perspective on the human brain

We will talk about the triune brain theory, we will watch and analyze commercials and business examples of effective use of these principles to ilustrate the infinite possibilities and industries that this bit of knowledge can be applied to.

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Thank you for investing your time.

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