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Aleks Nikolic

I’m teaching yoga, writing about my inner journey, society, and life learnings while traveling the world with my soulmate Adam. I grow up in Switzerland, have Serbian roots but live as a nomad. And I see my mission in Více o lektorovi »


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My dear yogis in Prague I'm inviting you to a free Community Class at the Letna Park - afterward we'll have a little picknick (please keep it plastic free - more tips here) for everyone who wants to stay longer and enjoy the summer night. 

What is Empowerment Yoga?

In this class, you can let go of what you thought yoga is. Empowerment Yoga is a slow-paced but powerful Hatha flow - a way to experience your inner strength and to connect to your intuition. You’ll open your heart, learn to enjoy the fire aka not so pleasant moments, flow with life and even have fun!

We practice altogether in a circle, some asanas we do even together. It’s all about encouraging you to not be afraid to share and connect with others, since we’re all in the same boat but also learn how to find focus and calmness inside of yourself without being distracted by outer circumstances.


  • Please bring a yoga mat - if you have two, let me know, so maybe someone else could have it. :) #karmayoga
  • I'll announce the exact meeting point before the class.
  • And bring a friend or stranger ;)


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