Aleks Nikolic

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I’m teaching yoga, writing about my inner journey, society, and life learnings while traveling the world with my soulmate Adam. I grow up in Switzerland, have Serbian roots but live as a nomad. And I see my mission in making a positive change in our world and hearts. 

I was always the heartbroken girl. I never understood why. I thought I’m the poor one - till I realized that I’m in this game too. It’s not just the other person - it’s me too - I’m not feeling worthy enough, I’m not speaking and living my truth, I didn’t listen to my intuition.

Until one day I had enough. The day was in November 2014 - I just wanted to be happy. So I started to watch and change my negative patterns and beliefs. 

And this journey led me from Zurich to Bali. And from Bali to Mexiko. And now I’m in Prague - what an adventure!

Ready to experience your own personal adventure? I don’t promise it will be always easy. But... You’ll learn a lot and find more meaning in your life.


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