Learn how to cook spanish omelette and have fun improving and learning spanish language


Eva Muñoz

Hi! Hola! Hi!  My name is Eva, from Madrid (Spain) and I've been to Prague for 1 and a half years. I love the city mainly because of the difference between Czech and Spanish culture and many other reasons. That's very Více o lektorovi »


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The course will consist of 2.5hours of mix between learning how to cook an authentic Spanish omelette and learning and improving your Spanish speaking skills.

You will learn all the important tricks and tips for making and authentic spanish omelette.
The recipe comes from my grandma who was the owner and cooked a very traditional restaurant in Madrid.

We will cook different types of deliccatessen spanish omelette that you are taking with your loved ones.
At the end of the workshop we'll celebrate their accomplishment making toast!


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