Deep Relaxation Yoga Workshop


Aleks Nikolic

I’m teaching yoga, writing about my inner journey, society, and life learnings while traveling the world with my soulmate Adam. I grow up in Switzerland, have Serbian roots but live as a nomad. And I see my mission in Více o lektorovi »


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Do you feel stressed at the moment? Like not having time for yourself? Do you feel unclear and somehow blocked? Would you like to feel more calm, balanced and clear? Then this workshop is for you, because...

  • You’ll get introduced to the 7 chakras (energy centers in the body), their meaning, how to activate and balance them through asanas, meditation, and pranayama.
  • We’ll do deep relaxation candlelight yin yoga which will help you to let go of tensions in your body and old emotions, relax on a very deep level and balance your chakras.
  • You’ll explore why you might feel blocked or have returning struggles in some parts of your life or feel stuck and link it to a chakra and learn how to balance it.
  • We will talk about how to stress ourselves less and you’ll get tools for your everyday life that will help you to reduce the stress level and feel more relaxed.
  • You’ll write down how you feel, how you actually want to feel and how to build a bridge between it and give yourself these feelings right now.

Why am I doing this workshop?

In my past I was always busy running from one meeting to the other, complaining about not having time and always feeling so tired and empty. Until I went for my meditation trip to Brazil, I thought this is normal... And there I realized "No, it's not. I am allowed to take time for myself and recharge. I am allowed to say no, do less, relax more and take time for what I love." I felt like my natural state was much slower and since then I'm embracing it every day and try to keep my life simple and enjoyable in the present moment instead of just thinking "What's next? I need to hurry up!". Working with my chakras helped me have tools and understanding for my struggles and how to solve them instead of swimming all the time in the same sh*. :))

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