Radka Junova

Na Naučmese od 5. 3. 2020, vedl/a kurzy pro 73 účastníků.

Being a self employed goldsmith you spend loads of time alone and that is not always fun or healthy. A few years back I got offered the opportunity to provide a ‘workshop space with guidance’ to jewellery students at Brighton University so they can gain some practical skills. I truly enjoyed the challenge and also received new perspective in exchange. Since then I have run many different workshops and classes for both adults and children and never looked back. 

During the pandemic I relocated back to the Czech Republic after 16 years in the UK. I have many expat friends here and often hear that their inability to speak properly Czech prevents them from doing fun stuff so I stated running English speaking workshops. 

When not teaching I design and sometimes also make jewellery for my brand Jewellery by Juna and campaign for better practices in the industry. 

if English is your preferred language and you feel like jewellery making is something you would like to try, come to one of my classes. My courses are easy and with my help you can create a pretty shiny thing for yourself or as a gift. 

You can choose one of the classes on offer to make one of the popular items or opt for the individual workshop one if you have a specific design in mind. In that case please,  intact me with your ideas and I will do my best to make it possible. Please note that there may be additional cost for any extra materials or time. 

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