Create your own mobile application with Adobe XD


Michal Acler

Hello, my name is Mike and I'm designer? Formerly I started as a visual designer but over the years I slowly transitioned to user experience design field. I'm drawn to earliest stages of creation – I like to discover Více o lektorovi »


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Come and join me for beginner workshop focusing on UX/UI design and interactive prototyping, including voice, animation, and design systems with Adobe XD.

This workshop takes you from designing a fully interactive user flow over user testing and stakeholder review right into developer handoff. We’ll also take a look at animation and voice interface design using XD and discuss collaborative workflows.

What you'll learn

► Design and prototype simple mobile application using XD from start to finish

► How to share prototypes with stakeholders, developers or for user testing

► Explore animation and voice UI prototyping using XD

► Get tips for interesting plugins and workflows that help you to be more efficient

This workshop takes 4 hours from 14.00–18.00. 

You should definitely bring with you

► a laptop/Macbook with latest version of Adobe XD (free version is enough)

► your smartphone

► your charging cables

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