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Aleksandra Samardžiev

Hello! I was born and raised in Serbia, where I studied psychology and started my career in psychotherapy 6 years ago. I was working with young adults and adults on issues connected to anxiety, phobias, trauma, Více o lektorovi »


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Our everyday lives are full of stress, worries, and deadlines. In striving for excellence, we forget about ourselves, and we stress more and more.

This workshop has your wellbeing as the highest goal. The main idea of the training is to offer a comprehensive way of understanding and overcoming stress, through exercises that will help you understand yourself and your reactions to stress better.

The workshop is available for 6 people. The workshop is divided in 4 sections. At the beginning of each section you will participate in an exercises, some of them are individual and some require work in pairs. The purpose of this is to bring your real experience into the present moment. Discussion and theory that will come after exercises will allow you to get full overview of your experience and to find better solutions for yourself.

Who is this workshop for?

  • You want to improve your wellbeing
  • You feel that your responsibilities are overwhelming
  • You have high expectations from yourself
  • You always want to achieve the best results

What will you learn?

  • What are the support systems and how to use them
  • How to organize your time to achieve balance in life
  • You will learn about games people play and how to stop them
  • How to set healthy boundaries and why are they important

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