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 A brief introduction to the OSCOLA citation style for college students


Have you ever worded how it feels when you are told that your writing is not up to the mark and you have actually spent a great deal of time preparing and fulfilling the requirements of the work? It is a common scenario in higher education standards because the evaluators always expect students to work better than the prior assignments and it is only easy to say. 

Considering the fact and being afraid of deductions and multiple revisions I always asked essay writer to help me in writing or they should write my essay.  It was easy until I was not a hosteller because when I moved out, I came to know that things are not going to work.

Once my friend told me that you can pay for essay to have it done. From that day, I have been managing my assignments by contacting different essay writing services. 

The service providers make sure that the task is completed with quality and within the deadline. I think it is one of the blessings for students and there is no harm in consulting such services. If all the students are evaluated on their ability to come up with the ability to write better than others then one of the best solutions is to consult the professional essay writer because a professional can do much better than a learner.



Well, apart from the idea of using services, I think you should be very careful about when to consult services. If it is about citations and references, you don’t need to consult the service. You can find different tutorials available that can help you with the Citation Styles. You can findboth descriptive details as well as sample templates that can help you get enough knowledge.

If you are looking for the guidelines regarding OSCOLA citation style, I can share how the template looks and how you can cite the references. When it comes to OSCOLA’s writing style, you should first make sure to keep the citation style of Chicago in your mind because the two citation styles are the same. For the formatting, you can download any template and you can edit it for writing your essay by yourself or with the help of expert essay writer. The formatting will have a cover page with centered student credentials while the headings will be bold and in italic with 12 time’s new roman or Ariel. The line spacing will be double throughout the text and it can vary from institution to instruction. Sometimes, evaluators require students to use a single space throughout their essay or report. The subheadings will be Italics only.

If you don’t know about Chicago's writing style you can follow the below-mentioned points.

1-      OSCOLA is all about the use of footnotes. There are no in-text citations also, there is no lead on citations. You only have to add the footnote. The footnotes appear at the bottom of the page, in the footer section

2-      You can insert footnotes by using the references section that allows you to choose the option of footnotes. The footnotes will have the name of the writing and free essay writer for the first time while repetitive citation will only have the last name of the author.

3-      In the end, you will create a bibliography section in which you are responsible for listing all the references in their full form. The references will be mentioned as per the citation number.

4-      If you are adding a direct quotation, you should follow the same format of citation that will use a foot note. You will not be referring to the name of the author in the text. 



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