The Silver Bullet to Succeeding With Women

Na Naučmese od 23. 11. 2021.

I was doing my weekly browsing of the Loveawake dating site blog, and noticed an abundance of posts and threads related to routines and techniques--from all the styles of picking up women. And I had a thought. What was that thought? As long as you are focused on routines and techniques, YOU WILL NEVER BE GOOD WITH WOMEN.

Sure, they may get you to one point or another, but at some point, I can guarantee that if she's a decent girl, she's going to see right through you. You see, it's not the technique or routine that's going to make you successful with women. Then what will? Character. Pure and simple.

It took me years to figure this out. There are so many of you focusing on the quick fix, but I don't care what anyone tells you, routines, techniques, and other quick fixes will not get you women.

I had a friend tell me that he bought a brand new BMW and it didn't get him one piece of ass. I have 6'6" pretty boy friends. And their looks didn't get them one piece of ass. I have friends that know every routine and technique in the book, but guess what? It doesn't get them one piece of ass.

All of the above are quick fixes. And they may work for a brief moment, but they aren't going to carry you all the way. Your character is what women are trained to see. I can pretty much say whatever I want, drive a shitty car, and although I'm a skinny guy, I still know that I will have no trouble getting very attractive women.

So why is that? Although the other stuff might get you noticed in the short term, character is what will carry you through to the end. Look at any guy attracting many types of women. Ask those women why they like him, and they'll almost all exclusively mention something about his character.

Yes, you are going to screw up and fall on your face a few times. Yes, you are going to be embarrassed every now and then. And yes, you're going to have to do some serious soul searching. But you know what? It all pays off.

Being honest with yourself about who you are and what you want is what will attract women to you and allow you to KEEP THEM. Not looks. Not money. And sure as hell not a single damn routine. It's time to redevelop your focus.

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