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Even after I’ve introduced many of the core principles of search engine marketing, some people may not be convinced that they are practical enough to produce results. Some may grant that search engine marketing is a more humane or spiritual approach to marketing, but they may think, “At the end of the day, the world is a tough and competitive place. Sometimes I’m going to need to play by tough rules to feed my family and put a roof over my head.”

When I was still stumbling around with the idea of giving, I too was very skeptical. I thought, “Does this giving really work? Is that what made Andrew Carnegie famous? Is that what made John D. Rockefeller wealthy?” Like many people, I was afraid that if I gave money, it might not come back, or that I was being suckered by a principle that didn’t serve anybody but the people who were telling me to give. I was so much in fear that it felt difficult to give $1, let alone $5.

I decided I was going to experiment with this principle. I kept a record of what I was doing and turned it into a little book called The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History, because I thought, “Who would be able to resist a title like that?”

The greatest money-making secret in history is giving money. So why don’t we do it? Why did I not do it? It was because of beliefs. Beliefs about money. About deserving. About trust. About faith. About life in general.

I knew Andrew Carnegie gave. I knew John D. Rockefeller gave. I knew some of the greatest tycoons were giving, and they attributed their success to it.

When I started to give, I did so reluctantly. At the time, I was inspired by an author named Barry Neil Kaufman, who helped create the option method, which is a way of questioning beliefs. It helped teach me to investigate beliefs in order to release them.

I wanted to practice this great money-making secret. I wanted to give some money, and I thought of Barry Neil Kaufman. Then I thought about how little I had. I wrote a check for $5, and I sent it to him.

Later I got to meet Barry. He was one of the most charismatic orators of all time; he was hypnotic in his speaking. He mentioned how I gave $5 and how it made a difference to him as an acknowledgment of his work.

When many people tithe, they give less than 10 percent. They’ll ask, “Is this after taxes?” Questions like this are to avoid paying the full amount. They’re coming out of scarcity consciousness. Even when it comes to seed money, they’ll think, “Let me just give a buck, and let me see if I get $10 back.” They give in a skeptical, desperate way. They’re not experiencing abundance, because they don’t feel abundance.

The people that brag about almsgiving are violating the rule that says it’s supposed to be done in secret. If you’re broadcasting it or boasting about it, you’re coming from your ego, not from a pure heart.

In any event, the number one thing an SEO Consultant can do wrong is giving too little. I definitely understand this impulse, because I’ve been there. Nevertheless, I’m challenging you right now to give an amount that makes you feel uncomfortable. It will expand your wealth consciousness. It will expand the set point of your receiving.

Inside of us, on a subconscious level, we have a comfort zone, and we like to play within that zone. But when we stretch it, we can have, do, and be more. I’m inviting you to give seed money to your most recent source of spiritual nourishment. Make the amount a little uncomfortable.

I’m not saying go into debt; I’m not saying break the bank; I’m not saying borrow money. Just make it a little uncomfortable. How much would you give if you believed this method might actually work? Give that amount. As you do, pay attention to your thinking, because the thoughts that come up will be related to your giving, and they need to be looked at. I will talk about clearing beliefs in chapter 5, but let’s begin right now. I challenge you to give a little bit more than you’re comfortable with to your most recent source of spiritual inspiration.

It’s a continual process. As you get comfortable with that amount, stretch it even more. Keep working on the outer edges of that comfort zone in your giving. We want to keep stretching. We want to keep growing. Keep doing a little more till you’re at the point where you can be giving thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, knowing that if you’re giving that much money, you must have that much or more available to you.

Play with the dream. Again, we’re the scriptwriters of our own dreams. Play with the dream of being so secure in your faith in your wealth that it almost doesn’t matter how much you give: you know you’re getting ten times more. You also know that the payoff is right now, because you’ve elevated your wealth set point to a vibrational level that gives you goosebumps all over, because it’s so delicious. That feeling is the immediate payoff, and it attracts even more abundance.

This approach seems to fly in the face of many popular money management experts. They often advocate a more miserly strategy: pay everything off, and build up huge amounts of reserves. They are illustrating the two optical illusion choices that I’ve been talking about. They are speaking to the people who are living in scarcity, who believe in lack and limitation. It’s good that these experts are addressing this audience, because those living in the mentality of scarcity, lack, and limitation need that kind of help. They need somebody to say, “Here’s what you do with your money. Here’s how to protect yourself. Here’s how to stay in survival.”

I’m talking about the other way of living—about living in a benevolent universe, in a place of peace and prosperity. I’m talking about listening to people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. These guys created the Giving Pledge way back in 2010. They are extraordinarily wealthy people who have committed themselves to giving the greatest part of their wealth away. The Giving Pledge has 211 members the last time I checked. The late Percy Ross is another multimillionaire who spent his life giving away his earnings.

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