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Na Naučmese od 23. 11. 2021.

You all should know that my dating profile at Loveawake dating site is currently in the experimental stage. Someone asked if Neil Strauss was an influence, and the answer is yes, as well as The Online Casanova (who has a GREAT guide, by the way) and a few others. As I've said, I don't believe in talking about things that I have little experience with, so I decided to take a few cues from those that have it. That being said, I put my personal assholish touch on it as well.

Anyways, here are a few responses to it:

"First I love your profile you are hilarious. If you ever want to tlak some time send me a message you seem like an interesting person to get to know...."

"You have an awesome smile!!

However I just wanted to say, "Thanks" You made me smile and crack up laughin, on a day i thought i wasn't possible!! Your profile is rather amusing!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Thanks again for the smile!! "

"One more thing. I just read your profile. I thought I was being funny. I have to bow to the master."

As for my messages, I may or may not post some of my exchanges. However, what I will say, is that this is tough. Not in the sense of it being difficult, but it's difficult to read what is working and what isn't. When I'm picking up women in real life, I can instantly read their body language and reactions, and instantly adjust my strategy accordingly, but I obviously can't do this online.

However, I did receive some help. From what I can tell, my looks aren't repelling anyone. And I don't see why they would, as I look better than 95% of the men on there. As for my profile, it's definitely turning away the more serious women, and attracting the younger girls that are just looking to chat and/or hang out. One thing that a woman pointed out, is that my profile may be overqualified.

In other words, I'm seen too close with too many beautiful women. And she said that it leads her to ask "Why isn't he dating one of those pretty girls?". When you combine that with my sarcastic profile, and good looks, it makes me look VERY playerish and not serious about dating at all.

So, I'm thinking about getting a few serious pictures taken without so many "pretty girls" so intimately close to me. Any thoughts? I'm picking this up VERY fast, but a few suggestions won't hurt. And like I said, I have quite a few message exchanges that I may or may not post.

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