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Interesting Hooks for Your Essay


An essay hook is a tool that measures the level of interest in your essay for the readers. It is the one or two sentences opener that comes at the start of your essay introduction. Just as a “fishhook” works, an essay hook is to attract and captivate the reader’s interest and motivate them to read the essay. To attract more, visit essay writer website.




Some people confuse a hook for an essay introduction while they are two entirely different things. A hook is just a part of an introduction that doesn’t reveal what the topic is and is just used to grab people’s attention. 


An essay hook depends on the topic or subject you are writing on. The tone and the nature of the essay dictate the hook. For example, if you are writing a formal and very serious piece of writing, you cannot open your essay with a casual statement or a joke. A hook, in this case, should be serious and formal. 


In simple words, a hook of an essay should complement the theme and idea of the topic, an essay writer can also make you understand in detail. The following are some of the hooks that will make your essay readable and interesting:


  1. Literary Quotes - Literary quotes can also be used as hooks. These are the types of hooks written for essays like literature review, book, or a writer. If you are to write a book review, start your essay with a quote from the selected book to grab your audience. 
  2. Quotes of People - You can also use quotes and sayings of famous people as a hook for your essay if it relates to the topic. 
  3. Surprise with common misconception - Another interesting way of forming a hook is by stating the commonly accepted truth as being false. This will generate curiosity in the readers to read your essay to find out how you can say something is false when a large number of people consider it true.
  4. Anecdotes - An anecdote is a short story that complements your topic and points towards an idea you are to present in your essay. An anecdote is used as a hook usually in a narrative or descriptive writing. In these kinds of writings you have the liberty to add humor and fun. 
  5. Personal stories - If writing an informal piece of work, you can begin your introduction with a personal experience or a story if it is relevant to the topic. Essays like narrative and college applications can use these types of hook. 
  6. Statistics - surprise your readers with interesting statistical data to motivate them to read your essay. For example, if writing an informative essay about world’s population start your introduction by presenting the statistics showing how it has been massively increased in recent years. 
  7. Questions - Questions are the best hooks as they directly ask the question to the readers engaging them in the writing. If the readers will know the answer they will read your answer to see with the evidence you have provided and if they don’t know about something they will find answers in your essay. 
  8. Facts - stating a fact about the topic and the thesis statement is another hook type. They are written for essays like informative and argumentative and any scientific writings. In this, you can state a definition or get a universal fact about something related to the topic. 
  9. Creating a scene - This type of hook is best for narrative essay, college application essay, descriptive essay, and a short story. Here you talk about the object or the object and things around them at the moment. 


Every essay writer tries to create the best essay hook as it decides the essay’s fate. Learn what hook should be given to your essay type and draft your essays perfectly. If you still not sure about how a perfect essay hook is formed you can always take essay writer service from professional writers. 



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