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The Unexpected Benefit of External Interference

Typical requirements for a place to complete lessons are that it should be quiet and calm so that nothing distracts from classes. However, studies have shown that if you study something new in at least two different places, provided that at least one of these places is distracting, what you learned is stored in memory much longer and better than if the study takes place in peace and quiet.

In a classic experiment, first set back in the 1970s, two groups of students were given the task of learning a set of new foreign words in two sessions. The first group studied both times in the same well-isolated room, and the second in two different ones: the first time in an isolated room, and the second in a room with large uncurtained windows overlooking a noisy courtyard. Surprisingly, it is a fact: the best results were shown by those who studied in two different rooms, including a noisy one and with distractions - they remembered almost twice as many words as those who were in peace and quiet both times. Essay writing is important for any student in any classroom. When preparing for the exam, I would like to have peace and quiet, but this does not always work out because various factors affect this. If you use the help of an essay writer, you can sharpen your focus on writing a written work. This way you can successfully prepare for the exam.

What's the matter here? To answer this question, we must remember that the learning process is not a mechanical placement of new knowledge on the brain shelf. In order for some information to remain in the head, the brain creates associations between what it specifically studies and signals coming from the environment, both conscious and unconscious. So when you write an essay, it is important for you to know the technique of mastering writing. With the help of essay formatting, you will learn how to analyze what is written and compose a written work correctly. And the more this kind of external mental roughness and clues, the more firmly the information coming against their background will be planted in the brain. On a physiological level, we can say that multiple associations help the information being studied create more neural connections. This is very important when writing an essay. Because it involves creative and critical thinking. But in order to develop yourself in this, use the help from paper helper and you will see what result you will have. So you will learn how to write competently and effectively in written work.

The practical implications of this can be very different and depend on the specific circumstances of the students and their families. It is hardly worth abandoning the organization of a quiet and routine place for lessons and reading. This is a useful thing, especially for the first acquaintance with the material being studied. But it is equally important to organize the possibility of repeating the studied material in a non-standard environment. For example, on a joint walk with dad or waiting for a younger sister from training.

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