Jiří Borč

Na Naučmese od 27. 3. 2021.

GEORGE attended University of Wolverhampton where he earned a degree in People Management, Economic and Business Environment and Information Management and Andvanced English from the University of Cambridge. As a tutor of English for students of all ages and levels in Turkey, where he spent one year, he knew that teaching English was his future. After coming from his studies at the University of North Carolina, where he made a Green Parking Urban Space Project in Washington DC, he started teaching business English in the big companies like CME, Vodafone and others. He tought English also in Hotelová school in Klánovice (hlavní zkoušející u maturity pro 9 tříd) a na Gymnáziu Arcus for one year. He has been teaching English for over 15 years.

He is skilled in the fields of logistics, HR and marketing. George is indulging in his favourite activities: chess, aikido, dancing, walking, and gardening.He also enjoys going to the movies, and relaxing with a good book.

Easy-going, friendly, and enthusiastic, Georges style shines through in every lesson. Skilled and experienced, he helps his students improve their English in a relaxed yet motivating setting. 

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