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Easy Tips to Write a Shakespearean Sonnet?


Writing a poem is a form of creative write my essay. Either doing it for a profession or a school assignment, poems can be really fun to draft. A sonnet or a Shakespearean sonnet is a type of poem that requires outstanding writing skills.

A sonnet is a 14-line poem that expresses an idea, and that certain idea is developed and expanded with different facets that lead up to a conclusion. This poem style has a rhyming scheme as well.

The structure of a sonnet has 4 parts that altogether form 14 lines. The first three parts have the same rhyming scheme while the last part has a different scheme. The rhyme scheme is ABAB, CDCD, EFEF, and GG.



An online essay writing service can help you to write my essay online. To write your own sonnet, follow the steps and tips explained by the below:

  • Think of an idea or a topic - Select a single idea or topic to write your sonnet. The topic can be anything from love and emotions to life and people. Not just this, a sonnet can be written on things that interest you like music, sports, books, movies, etc. a tip to write a great sonnet is to choose a topic that interest you or is something you are passionate about. The closer your topic is to you, the better you will write about it.
  • The rhyme scheme is a key - To write a sonnet, the first three sections of your poem should be written in four lines each and the last section must have two lines. The first set of four lines is called a quatrain. The last two lines of a sonnet are called a couplet. Lay extra emphasis on the rhyming scheme if you want your poem to be strong and effective.
  • Metrical pattern - To write a sonnet it is important to use “iambus”. It is a two-syllable foot in which the first one is unstressed and the other one is stressed. A good sonnet is written when a balance between the idea, the rhyme scheme and iambic pentameter is understood.
  • Important components should be kept in mind - A good poem will always have a strong “word picture”. This means that the words will be panting a picture of your ideas in your poem. For this purpose, choosing the accurate and appropriate words are everything. If you want your tone to be calm and subtle use the words that are peaceful in nature. And if the idea and tone of the poem are harsh use words accordingly.


The Shakespearean sonnets are loved by the readers because they are perfectly constructed and the ideas of the poems are clearly understood. To become a pro in anything you need to practice it. Even for an essay writer, writing a good sonnet will require practice and skills.

If you are to write a Shakespearean sonnet for your academics and you are paranoid about it because you have absolutely no idea how a sonnet is written then see the steps and tips provided above. Also, there are websites that write my essay cheap and provide all sorts of academic writing services to the students to aces their assignments.

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